Monday, June 13, 2011

My three favourite shops in Arnhem

A weekend ago I visited Arnhem; i love this city because of a few very nice shops! Van Mij, Bl-IJ an the shop 'Bos en Heide'!
@ the sweet little shop 'Bl-IJ' you can find a lot of pretty things of just paper! You'll find a hugh collection of wasami tape (I'd like to have them all) and a lot of POM POMS in different colors! In the same area i discovered the shop Bos en Heide, where i bought these pretty vintage pillowscases.
As I told you i'm addicted to the wasami tape from Japan! I pimped some 'potjes/ jars' with it and the give-aways for Julius' party!

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  1. Hey Iam back ... Thanks voor de tips. Ik wil ook SNEL naar Arnhem..