Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY inspiration for Christmas

Maybay you recognize it; you have so many ideas but even less time to realize them! Just surfing through a lot of very nice blogs with beautifull pictures (taking the perfect picture isn't easy at all, i just found out!!).
For christmass i like to do something with ironwire, pearls and wool..and happy fresh colors. Like the beautifull product of bare Wunderbar<



  1. Ja ik herken sommige foto's! Nu de tijd nog Anne. Quit the job, zag nog wel wat pandjes leegstaan hier in de buurt... zullen we ;-)

  2. like your blog, just joined :) but the first picture above is from me ;)

  3. Hi Christina, i didn't know it's yours! I'm sorry, i would have mentioned it! Like your idea very much, i díd it myself with my daughter..i'll show you the pictures!

  4. Its ok, I was just wondering - I love bare Wunderbar also, so in a way its flattering :)