Friday, April 27, 2012

Restaurant het Rode Roosje

Last Saturday we celebrated Roos birthday with al her schoolmates. We did a restaurantparty; the kids run their own restaurant and the parents were the quests. It really was a big succes! It was so much fun to see how the kids felt responsibil for the restaurant and how they came up with ideas i never thougt of. In the beginnning we made all kinds of little food like sandwiches, sweetsushi and fruitsticks, then the kids made an inventarisation and created the menucard, 'thank you'-cards and nameholders. Then the whole kitschen was transformed into a restaurant!!We only had half an hour left before the quests came, so it was a bit stressy, just like a real restaurant! But at 17.00 uur the restaurant and her staff was ready; the quests were welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wat gaaf zeg!!
    Een super idee!!
    En het ziet er super uit!!